The Tribute Show.

“Just Jones“…. is the ultimate respectful parody of Tom Jones by Martin Doughty.

„Sir Tom Jones“ covered with style and finesse. A great surprise present for anyone!

Martin´s amazing vocal register, tested to the limit, and with “ALL” the high notes that made Sir Tom famous!

The voice is really amazingly close to the original.

You can book a show with professional backing tracks or, if you really want to push the boat out, an eight piece live band with horns!

The show can also be booked with our resident Djs so that Martin remains the highlight of your evening!

So ladies and gentleman let the corks fly and fill your champagne glasses.

Watch out girls a wild cat is in the room!

The London Tiger will entice you into his territory.

With passion and a beating heart, the show will wrap you up in a retro-explosion taking you back in the musical time machine to the 60s and the 70s.

Even today´s “Sexbombs” will enjoy it!

Also bookable with underwear for your friends and guests to throw,
that is if you don´t throw your own anyway!

The 30 minute whirlwind show with 100% Tom Jones power incorporating the old hits like „Not unusual“,
„Help Yourself“, „Thunderball“, „Never fall in love“, „Never walk alone „Kiss“..“Delilah“…

And back to the „Green grass of home“ –  „Just Jones“ is like it´s name implies  „Sir Tom Jones“ pure..!!!

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